Our Products

Shelf One Black

Storage shelf Shelf One Black
Price inc. VAT 280 €


Screw-on table legs, set of 2 Reverse
Price inc. VAT 175 €

Flat Reverse

Table top Flat Reverse
Price inc. VAT 435 €


Screw-on table legs, set of 4 Fix
Price inc. VAT 215 €

Flat Fix

Table top Flat Fix
Price inc. VAT 435 €

Fix Three

Screw-on table legs, set of 3 Fix Three
Price inc. VAT 160 €

Round Fix

Round table top Round Fix
Price inc. VAT 120 €


Clothes rack Stander
Price inc. VAT 175 €


Table trestles, set of 2 Standard
Price inc. VAT 130 €

Flat Standard

Table top Flat Standard
Price inc. VAT 435 €


Table trestles, set of 2 Narrow
Price inc. VAT 130 €

Flat Narrow

Table top Flat Narrow
Price inc. VAT 120 €

Shelf One

Storage shelf Shelf One
Price inc. VAT 220 €

Book End One

Steel book end Book End One
Price inc. VAT 9 €

Reverse Coffee

Screw-on table legs, set of 2 Reverse Coffee
Price inc. VAT 155 €

Flat Reverse Coffee

Table top Flat Reverse Coffee
Price inc. VAT 150 €

Fix Three Coffee

Screw-on table legs, set of 3 Fix Three Coffee
Price inc. VAT 145 €

Standard Coffee

Table trestles, set of 2 Standard Coffee
Price inc. VAT 120 €

Flat Standard Coffee

Birch plywood tabletop Flat Standard Coffee
Price inc. VAT 80 €

Standard Exhibitor

Table trestles, set of 2 Standard Exhibitor
Price inc. VAT 140 €

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Cancelling Order
It is possible to cancel your order if it hasn’t been sent. Get in touch with us and we’ll take care of it. If your order has been sent, you will have to return the products in order to receive a refund. The delivery fee will not be refunded.

All our products are come with a standard 24 month warranty. If the client causes damage or if the client has altered the product in any way, the product is not covered by the warranty.

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About Us

We believe in Czech craft mastery and innovative design. Our products are beautiful and practical, manufactured from quality, long-lasting materials. We appreciate your opinions and feedback so drop us a message.


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